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Winfield has announced significant upgrades this fall to its R7 Tool that will likely be gaining some attention. The Web-based precision planning tool for the farm has been launched as an iPad app and has all the same functionality as the original tool.


“When you push the buttons, it hits all the same databases, and it’s truly doing the exact same thing as the web-based version. It’s not just a field viewer like some other apps,” said Dave Gebhardt, director of agronomic data and technology, Winfield.


R7 has been available for Winfield dealers since fall of 2011, and it allows growers without extensive yield and soil sampling records to try out variable-rate seeding and fertility. Growers work with their dealers to develop those prescriptions by using historical satellite images to identify management zones.


Two additional upgrades coming soon include the integration of profitability and field response maps, which will help growers understand their profit potentials.

SharpShooter Benefits:

• On-Demand Drift Control

• Instant ON/OFF Boom Tip Control

• Multiple Application Rates Through a Single Tip

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