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At United Cooperatives,Inc. we recommend Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels. They’re specially formulated to clean your fuel system and keep it clean for maximum power and performance. A clean fuel system procides many benefits, including improved fuel economy, better horsepower and extended life of fuel pumps and injectors. Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels deliver additional benefits, too-including better lubricity (to protect vital engine parts), quicker starts and reduced emissions for cleaner air. Recently, Cenex Premium Diesels were enhanced to further optimize performance in modernized diesel engines. They now have a special additive to help prevent typical problems related to #2 diesel use, inlcuding injector damage, filter clogging, power loss, poor starting, engine failures and costly repairs. Compared to standard diesel, Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels:

•Improve fuel economy by as much as 5%

•Improve fuel lubricity by 10-15%

•Improve power by as much as 4.5%

•Have a higher cetane number (typically 48)

•Extend the life of injectors and injector pumps

•Reduce maintenance costs

•Operate better in modernized diesel engines

•Promote quicker, more fuel-efficient starts

•Reduce smoke and emissions for cleaner air

Plus, Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster is backed by an ironclad guarantee – the Total Protection Plan Warranty. If you’re using Ruby Fieldmaster and Cenex lubricants and anything goes wrong with your new or used agricultural equipment, parts covered by the warranty will be replaced free of charge. That’s an offer you won’t find with any other diesel fuel. (Visit cenex.com/ttp for more information or to enroll.) For true premium performance from a proven diesel fuel, trust Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels. To learn more, visit www.cenex.com/rubyfieldmaster.

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